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Mandarin Orange Mochi

July 14, 2011

New Year’s 2009/2010 — My japanese teacher in high school (who taught me for 2 years) is a responsible, knowledgeable teacher, but also has that cute and quirky sense of humor so very quintessentially Japanese.

from Happy Things I Love

After the Christmas break of my senior year in high school, she was going to leave on maternity leave to have her second son. So, more as a going-away present, since we wouldn’t be seeing her in June, my friend, Emily, and I decided to make Mandarin Orange Mochi. For New Year’s, we learned that Japanese people have a whole menu full of foods symbolically eaten on New Year’s, including black beans, shrimp, and tangerines. Often tangerines are present on top of mochi, those sweet, sticky rice cakes.

So what did you do?
Mix rice flour with water and pureed canned mandarin oranges, so that the actual mochi batter is infused with the orange flavor.
Flatten a small round out, place a wedge from a peeled Cutie tangerine orange, and fold the mochi around the orange wedge.
Be sure to make sure there are no holes in the fresh tangerine wedge, because if the juice leaks out, you’ll have a difficult time sealing the dough.

Lessons learned?
Fresh tangerine is a fantastic mochi filler–the mochi is sweet, and the burst of the citrus, tangy juice when you bite into it is such a bright contrast.


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