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Butternut Squash Soup

July 15, 2011

JULY 2010 — I always get on my cooking rolls when I’m not in school, so I was particularly bummed out when I had my wisdom teeth removed. It was awful, because those things were in there deep, and so my cheeks were swollen like crazy, and I didn’t cook anything, because everything that involved chewing became tasteless.

But when I made this Butternut Squash Soup, wisdom teeth surgery never tasted so good.

So what did you do?
I got a butternut squash, had great difficulty cutting the damn thing in half because it’s so hard (literally). And then I roasted it in the oven for a bit to soften up its flesh so I could cut it out and chop it into rough pieces more easily.
Other ingredients included carrots, onion, and a bit of tomato.
Then, I placed everything into a big pot with some chicken stock and let it stew until the vegetables got all soft.
The next step was to blend and puree the soup, but there was a lot in the pot, way more than could fit in the blender, so I had to blend it in two batches, which I could only hoped had equal consistency in ratios of ingredients. But it all went back into the same pot eventually anyway.
At last, though sour cream or creme fraiche is a typical topper for soups, I used cottage cheese (a more healthful alternative, though you can’t swirl it in to make it all pretty) and topped it off with some fresh chives.

Lessons learned?
Dealing with a whole butternut squash is a pain in the ass. I’ll probably never make this again just for that reason.
Also, seasoning is pretty important. This soup tasted less sweet and more vegetable-y than your typical butternut squash soup, but probably because I hadn’t cooked the vegetables in the stock long enough before I blended it. My soup came out really thick.

And a nice word from my friend Yvette: “You are doing MUCH better than my friend who just put Chipotle burritos in a blender.”

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