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Greek Couscous Salad

July 15, 2011

JULY 2010 — My mom had a box of dried couscous in the pantry. So I took it. I also chose to use only about a third of the seasoning packet. It smelled really strongly of cumin, and I guess I was looking for something a lot cooler–more bright and refreshing. It’s summer.

Did you know?
 When you say “cous,” you’re also saying “vagina” in Hebrew!

So what did you do?
I mixed in some diced cucumber (fresh, veggie taste), feta cheese (the brightest and tangiest of cheeses), sun-dried tomato (chewy and sour), chives, slivered almonds (for a thin crunch) and diced apples (sweet and juicy). Then, to enhance the summery nuance, I dressed it with red wine vinegar.

Lessons learned?
Um, apparently it keeps well. I kept it in the fridge for days, and my friend Shilpa tried some and thought it tasted extremely “fresh.”

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