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South American Pizza

July 15, 2011

JUNE/JULY 2010 — My last moments as a member of the California Youth Symphony (visit them at was the 2-week tour to Uruguay and Argentina. Though it was called the “South America Tour,” I should make it a habit not to do so, because those 2 countries are in no way representative of the entire continent. Uruguay and Argentina are probably the wealthiest countries in the continent and have a culture (and demographic) that resembles Europe quite a bit, which made me feel at home.

The cuisine, however, is quite distinct.

Apparently, Italian food, or knock-offs of Italian food, are popular and successful. Our guide, Hernan, suggested this one pizza place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the same way that Chicago changed pizza by supersizing its height with extra dough, sauce, and cheese, the South Americans also craft these pies with a lasagna-like thickness.
There is a nice, thick, doughy layer of pizza dough. Then a thick, meaty layer of cheese, (Frenchy Natalie said it tasted like Gruyere,) and then you got your ham (popular topping), and then more cheese, and then, another thin, crispy layer of dough, and topped with onions (the other popular topping). That’s pizza.

So to recap, it looks like this:


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