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Grilled Mozzarella and Blueberry Sandwiches

July 16, 2011

AUGUST 2010 — If you ever ask me about the best sandwich I have ever made, this would be it. It was so good that as I was eating it I wanted to shout obscenities aloud. This is another one of the things I made with Melissa and Kim. The theme was teatime, as in finger food snacks, like the Argentinian Shepherd’s Pie Pastries, for example.

I always say that fruit & cheese as a flavor combination is so overlooked in the United States. I think it’s starting to get noticed as French food is making its way to fast casual restaurants, but in Europe, fruit and cheese on a platter is commonly found on the dessert menu.

So what did you do?
We got a thin French baguette, a box of fresh blueberries, a log (not shredded) part-skim mozzarella, and by pure inspiration I decided to throw in some alfalfa sprouts.
Building the sandwiches was a delicate effort because the we wanted to press the blueberries a bit into the cheese while keeping them intact. (We didn’t want our cheese to turn purple too soon.)
Then we buttered the outsides of our sandwich, as with any grilled cheese sandwich, and placed them into the pan.
I was impressed that the alfalfa didn’t shrivel up and burn from the heat.

Result? Ah-may-zing.
Mozzarella is a fantastic, mild but just good-tasting cheese. And when you bite into the sandwich, the fragile, softened skin of the blueberries just burst and let the juice wash the creaminess of the cheese as it hits the tongue.
For textural support, (ha, not textual,) the alfalfa sprinkled in a good crumbly crunch, and the crusty baguette was a firm foundation.

Lessons learned?
Alfalfa sprouts: good call. It served as a really refreshing ingredient, just like the way lettuce works in a burger. In a grilled sandwich of soft cheese and fruit, you need something slightly crunchy with water, like raw vegetables, to make the sandwich taste crisp and refreshing.


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