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Winter Vegetable Tart

July 18, 2011

DECEMBER 24th, 2010 — First break home after a term at college, where there is no kitchen. I prepared a few things for a casual Christmas dinner. Just me and my parents–the three of us aren’t a festive a bunch, but that’s fine. Dorm food is fine, but I definitely missed preparing my own vegetables and my own baked goods. I thought this would also be appropriate for the season, since you typically see root vegetables as part of “wintery” seasonal items.

So what did you do?

See the feta, extra dough, and dried thyme?

I chopped up some eggplant, yellow squash, and eggplant. I remember cooking them a bit (they were thinly sliced) in a wok with some balsamic vinegar (gotta love that stuff) and olive oil. I recall cooking the apples separately, because I didn’t want all the salt and pepper to get on the sweet fruit.
I then got a package of Pillsbury Crescents dough, and just rolled out the entire sheet flat on a tray (making sure to patch up all the holes), and I had fun laying out the vegetables like so. It’s always nice when the little pieces you have are all shaped the same way. I dropped some herbed feta cheese crumbles (from the little tub you can get at Trader Joe’s) and some dried thyme on top, and I also had some leftover dough scraps, so I made little right angles out of them and placed them at the corners of the tart.

Merry Christmas.

Lessons learned?
Maybe I should have used zucchini or carrots instead of apples. The apples on the tart tasted great, don’t get me wrong, but it provided a very different nuance in taste that contrasted a bit too much with the nice hearth-like quality of squash and eggplant.

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