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Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

July 21, 2011

JUNE 15th, 2010 — Back after a long hiatus of no cooking, because school is out. In addition to my to-watch list (for movies), I’ve started a to-make list, for culinary ideas that I would hate to forget. I suggested a couple of ideas to my friend, Pooja, who’s an avid baker, and I think her penchant for chocolate made the choice of the day: raspberry cheesecake brownies.

Near the end of spring quarter, to take a break from studying and writing papers, I stumbled upon more and more food blogs, which I linked to off of FoodPornDaily. Cheesecake brownies were common. So I thought why not yet another flavor dimension to it? Maybe something fruity. Chocolate-dipped fruit is always good.

Swirling the raspberry-chocolate sauce into the brownie batter

So what did you do?
First we tackled the cheesecake. Pooja had a recipe up her sleeve, and so while she was busy doing that, I loaded all the raspberries I bought into one of them Magic Bullets and pureed them. The smell is intensely tangy, and the color’s beautiful. We didn’t add all the puree. It would be too much, and also dilute the cheesecake batter, which was a bit more watery than one’s typical cheesecake.
We then chilled it in the refrigerator.
We then started making the brownies. (We used a mix.) However, with the leftover raspberry puree, we decided to make a raspberry-chocolate sauce, by mixing the puree with some Hershey’s chocolate syrup. This thing really does taste both like raspberries and chocolate–it’s great. We tried it out by dipping banana slices into it.
We poured some of this sauce into the brownie mixture, but layered it a bit so that it would be the inside of the brownies that would be all nice and moist. We still want the brownies to be easy to hold and move. Then, we swirled in the raspberry cheesecake mixture and baked!

See both sauces?

Plating was done “Extraordinary Desserts” style where we spooned the sauces (the pure puree and the raspberry-chocolate sauce) on the plate.
Then we crumbled Oreos on top. (We only went this stylistically extreme for one plate.)

Lessons learned?
We were a little disappointed that the raspberry cheesecake was just a thin marbled layer on top, we should have really put a lot in and saw to it that big glops were folded inside, so that you can really get a lot of cheesecake in your cheesecake brownie.

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