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Spinach & Feta Scones

July 22, 2011
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JUNE 15th, 2011 — As I described in this post how American breakfasts seem to be pretty devoid of range of flavors–pretty limited to dense, carb-y sweet stuff, which is great, but doesn’t make a well-rounded meal in my opinion. And as a college student, knowing that the only to-go breakfast items available are bagels and oversized croissants and muffins was not fun, until I got to try the Ham & Spinach Scones at Cafe 1919 at UCLA. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sweet baked goods, but as far as a meal is concerned,  I can’t feel good about a breakfast if it’s just not well-rounded in flavor in texture. (There are many days, however, that this unfortunately happens.) Packing savory ingredients into a scone (or more like biscuit)? I’ll take it. I like this scone for its big chunks of ham, and the way the gooey cheese melts inside the scone. The spinach I didn’t taste so much. The spinach seemed to serve more as green-confetti.

So what did you do?
I started with a basic scone mixture. For some reason I felt compelled to use a tablespoon more butter than I normally do. When the recipe calls for 8 tablespoons, I’ll use 4 and it turns out fine. This time I put in 5 1/2, and the result just becomes softer, butterier, and more [American] biscuit-like.
For the extra ingredients, I stirred in some cooked spinach (of course seasoned with salt and pepper), canned artichoke hearts, diced and sauteed onions, and herbed feta cheese (gotta love that little tub from Trader Joe’s).
If I had wanted to continue on my penchant for complex tastes, I might have added some sun-dried tomatoes and/or chopped olives. If you make this, you can really put whatever you want in it.
I avoid chopping my spinach leaves before I cook, because they wilt and shrink, but also because I really wanted to taste the spinach.

Lessons learned?
Don’t be afraid when your batter looks like it has too many extra ingredients. The taste of the buttery scone can kind overpower the fillings. I wish I had used bigger pieces of spinach and onion, as well as used more feta, but delicious (especially when warm) nonetheless.


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