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New Chicken Salad

July 26, 2011

JULY 2nd, 2011 — After living in an apartment with 1 other roommate for a bit, consciously buying less at the grocery store and cooking less, having to cook from scratch every day got tiring. I’m still trying to learn how to make leftovers (but not too many) when we’re sharing a cramped fridge with others. In an effort to make something for leftovers, I decided to make chicken salad. Back home, I love the deli salads (egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad) at Gene’s Fine Foods in Saratoga, but the ones at Ralph’s don’t look nearly as appetizing.

Also, to make a more well-rounded sandwich, I thought it would be good that my chicken salad wasn’t 85% chicken and mayo, but included plenty of flavorful and unconventional ingredients.

So what did you do?
We grilled some chicken breast. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little under-seasoned or dry when you grill it because it’s going into a moist salad, but that’s always a plus. We diced and cubed the chicken here, instead of shredding / “pulling” it.
Chicken salad, along with the shredded chicken, will often have things like celery and grapes. For my other ingredients, I steamed some green beans. I saved a lot for leftovers, and diced up some. In addition, I diced a large Gala apple.

You might ask me if this is healthy, because deli salads for sandwiches are typically heavy and creamy as a result of lots of mayonnaise, but I found that plain, non-fat yogurt works just as well. Yogurt is great for you and gives the whole salad a tangy flavor. I was surprised at how long the whole salad lasted in yogurt.

Then, I folded in some trail mix (of almonds, dried cranberries & blueberries, and golden raisins) for some crunch and some sweetness.

Lessons learned?
The versatility of green beans, and apples too, though I already think you can put fruit in just about anything.

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