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Banana Scones

July 28, 2011

JULY 5th, 2011 — I think after the pleasant surprise of my success with these scones, I was rediscovering my penchant for scones. What else can you mix in with semisweet, fluffy biscuits? Somebody ought to develop a food franchise like that, like a knockoff of Coldstone’s. I decided to go with banana, because I hadn’t heard of anyone really doing that with scones. Scones typically just have ingredients like raisins or chocolate chips mixed in. Bananas really change the face of the batter.

See the banana oozing out just a little?

So what did you do?
I went ahead and followed a basic scone recipe: flour, a little milk, about 4-5 tablespoons of butter (really not that much for 11 or so scones), no egg, a little bit of sugar (probably 1/2 cup or less).

Lastly, mix in the mashed bananas. I cut them lengthwise into quarters and then sliced them into a bowl, where I mashed them with a fork. There’s no need to over-pulverize them into a consistent goo. While that will help the banana flavor blend into the batter better, I always like a good chunk here and there running throughout–gives a more rustic feel to the baked good.

Lessons learned?
I think here I discovered that more sugar and less butter produces that scone-flavor, while less sugar and more butter produces that American biscuit-flavor. Seeing as I always pop a bite when it comes fresh out of the oven, I might prefer the latter. Anything buttery is always best when warm.

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