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Seafood & Mango Quesadillas

July 28, 2011

JULY 8th, 2011 — So the inspiration for this is actually from Dim Sum. There are baked egg rolls with shrimp and mango. I actually just wanted to recreate that at some point, but as I was at Trader Joe’s with my two friends, Christina and Lauren, we realized it might just be easier to circumvent rolling flimsy egg roll wrappers altogether and make quesadillas.

So what did you do?
We got assorted frozen seafood, including shrimp, calamari rings, and miniature scallops. Then we got some whole-wheat flour tortillas, and a mango. Though Chinese cuisine obviously doesn’t include cheese, something’s gotta make this quesadilla stick, so I put in some shredded mozzarella, my preferred all-around cheese with that mild flavor that wouldn’t steal the spotlight.

Cook seafood first. I didn’t season it beyond garlic, salt and pepper. I don’t think this is one of those dishes. (I might also argue that since I’m going off the Chinese delicacy, Chinese cuisine doesn’t really involve a lot of spices.)
In the mean time, slice your mango into small, manageable slices.
Then you can start building the quesadillas in the pan. Make sure cheese is everywhere. You don’t need a thick layer of cheese anywhere (unless of course you want one), but rather you should try to get a little bit everywhere, in all the nooks and crannies so that all the little ingredients don’t fall out during consumption.

Lessons learned?
Good flavor combo–again, don’t be afraid. I was glad (and surprised) that Christina and Lauren were so supportive of my suggestion to put seafood, fruit, and cheese in the same bite.

Oh, also, get a good mango. We thought a slightly under-ripe mango would be less messy to deal with, since we were cutting it into little pieces and then grilling it. But no, a juicier, riper mango with soft flesh can’t really be beat.

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