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Vegetable Frittata Topped with Onion Rings & Potato

December 22, 2011

DECEMBER 20th, 2011 — After a morning run with a friend, I was invited over to make brunch. Cooking takes quite a bit of energy for me, so I was looking forward to the original plan of making omelettes. However, as we rummaged through Angela’s fridge, and procured a Yukon gold potato, I knew it was the decisive key to transforming these omelettes into frittatas. (Again, a frittata is a little like an omelet meets a pizza, originating from the Mediterranean region–primarily Spain and Italy.)

Thank you Angela for the photography! My Canon XA10 is coming soon!

The potato was reminiscent of my using thin potato slices as toppers, like in these.

So what did you do?
Finely chop your vegetables: green bell pepper, head of broccoli, and onion.
Save the top half of the onion to make onion rings.
Slice the potatoes very thinly, like into potato “chips.”

Blanch the broccoli, but take them out of the boiling water before they get too soft, because they’ll cook all the way when they’re sitting in the frittata.
Have 2 sautee pans ready to go. In a really big skillet, start frying up your finely chopped onions and bell pepper. In another smaller pan, fry up the onion rings and potato slices. Again, don’t fry them all the way.
Add the broccoli to the big skillet, season your vegetables as you like, and pour in beaten eggs, as much as will fill the pan. We used 4, since it was a huge skillet, and there were a lot of vegetables. You want enough egg so that it keeps the mosaic of your chopped veggies together. Spread the mixture around the pan.
The top will still be kinda watery, though the edges are showing signs of being cooked. Now would be the time to lay the potato slices and onion rings on top, in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Then, put the whole skillet into a broiler set on high. It won’t take much more than ~7 minutes for the top to cook.

Slip the frittata onto a large plate and cut it into slices like you would a pizza.

Lessons learned?
…I think I’m good this time, thanks.

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