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Israeli Sushi Salad

January 4, 2012

DECEMBER 29th, 2011 — Fusion cuisine often gets a really bad rep for being too gimmicky, but to a point, the modern world is a big melting pot, and including a few interesting ingredients here and there and certain combinations often turns out to be borrowing practices from other cultures. So don’t hate on me for trying “Israeli sushi,” something that sounds like it came out of a grotesque diversity theme park. Playing around with the different forms and means of packaging food interest me.

In other news, I got a new Canon XA10 camcorder for Christmas, 20th, birthday, and out of leftover scholarship money, so I was able to make this my first episode of The Mad Gastronomist cooking show! <–Watch here!

So what did you do?
Cook the couscous in a pot according to the directions. Including a chopped garlic clove while you’re initially toasting the couscous is a great idea.
To prepare the vinegar mixture, simmer equal parts of vinegar (I only had Japanese wine vinegar, white vinegar would be ideal) and sugar. I used about 1/3 cup vinegar and 5-6 tablespoons of refined sugar.
Cool the couscous so that it’s about lukewarm. Cool the vinegar mixture so that it’s cool.
Chop Persian cucumbers and red bell peppers into cubes, or any oblong shape you like. (Avoid strips that are straight-up seeds in the cucumber. You want everything to be as not-watery as possible.)
Fold the vinegar mixture into the couscous, and then followed by the vegetables, and then some feta cheese crumbles and golden raisins. Rip up seaweed and served on top. Serve cold.

Lessons learned?
Know your sh*t about couscous and its adhesive properties.
Oh, also, do go out of your way to go to an Asian market after leaving Trader Joe’s to get large sheets of nori. Little roasted snack rectangles don’t cut it. However, if you do individual hand rolls, go ahead with TJ’s roasted snacks. Just leave them out for a while to moisten and soften so that they’re pliable. (Tip from Trader Joe’s employee!)

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