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Grilled Brie and Peach Sandwiches

August 4, 2012

AUGUST 3rd, 2012 — It’s the return of the best sandwich I think I could ever make: the grilled fruit & cheese sandwich. Two or so years ago I discovered this with my Grilled Mozzarella and Blueberry Sandwiches, and so tonight I wanted to serve something like this for a party.

So what did you do?
For prep, I decided to work on the peaches. I wanted them to be soft in the sandwich, as well as sweet to contrast the creamy cheese. So to intensify the flavors, I sliced 3 peaches (into wedges) and simmered them in a pan with 1 tablespoon of butter (for moistness and caramelization) and 2-3 spoonfuls of dark brown sugar. You could use white granulated sugar as well. It’s a matter of taste since brown sugar has a taste more akin to molasses. I used dark brown sugar because I thought it would pair well with balsamic vinegar in terms of taste and color. I drizzled in just enough balsamic vinegar to tint the color of the peaches.
When I was done, I stored the bowl of peaches in the fridge so they could get chilled.

I had also considered making a balsamic syrup on the side with just vinegar and sugar and drizzling it on top of the sandwiches. So there’s an idea for next time’s grilled fruit & cheese.

To continue the prep, I sliced a large loaf of French bread. I tried to make the slices more on the thin side so that I could get a high filling-to-bread ratio. I also started slicing the big wedge of brie. Now with the softest cheese in the world, I kept it in the coldest part of the refrigerator for as long as possible, so that the cheese would be much easier to slice. Again, I aimed for smaller slices, partially because I was cheap and didn’t buy enough to brie to fill all the sandwiches completely, but also because brie is quite a powerful cheese, and we wouldn’t want to be cream-ily overwhelmed.

Assemblage looked like this:
french bread + little slice of mozzarella + sliced peaches + slices of brie + french bread

I added the little bit of mozzarella so the peaches would stick to the first slice of bread. Mozzarella has a very mild flavor so it would also not distract consumers from the brie.

Grill in the pan until the bread’s got a nice and golden-brown crust, and that’s it!

Lessons learned?
Serve immediately, because the brie is so soft that it’ll ooze out and literally become a hot mess if you don’t snatch those little bastards and enjoy them quick enough.

Why is it so damn good?
Tangy, sweet, juicy fruit–creamy, salty, rich brie–reliably crusty and hearty French bread.

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  1. tclothespin permalink
    August 10, 2012 5:50 PM

    I am definitely going to make this. Not only because peaches and brien are possibly the best combination in the world, but also because this recipe looks like it would be hard for me to screw up.

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