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Corn Succotash

February 3, 2013

FEBRUARY 1st, 2013 — To go alongside the baked cod fillets, I wanted a comforting, but light and vibrant side.

So what did you do?
First, I started sauteeing half a large yellow onion, and finely diced bell pepper (1 red and 1 orange), with garlic, salt and pepper, and a bit of olive oil. When that has sufficiently softened, add in a 10 oz. package of defrosted frozen corn. I folded in plenty of ground black pepper, and quite a few dashes of chili powder. If you’d like, you can add in a knob (aka 1 tbsp) of butter. I added in about 2/3 tbsp for flavor and a creamy texture.

Corn Succotash (2)A super simple and delicious side dish. I topped the serving bowl with some shredded monterey jack cheese.

I think this is the shortest blog post in this blog. Maybe I just wanted to feature the cod. But maybe that just goes to show how simple a delicious veggie side can be.

Lessons learned?
I would have loved to have some grilled corn for that smokey flavor.

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