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Grilled Raspberry, Peach, and Goat Cheese Sandwiches

July 26, 2016

JGrilled Cheese - Goat, Raspberry (1)ULY 24th, 2016 — Fruity grilled cheese returns! Is it dessert?! Is it an appetizer?!
If you didn’t know, the out-of-the-blue idea of Grilled Mozzarella and Blueberry Sandwiches back in high school days was probably what got me into my experimental proclivities. This combo is episode 3 on this blog.


So what did you do?
Slice 2 medium peaches, slices from a log of (plain) goat cheese, and slice of a French baguette.

Build the sandwiches. Start with a slice of bread, the goat cheese, and the raspberries and peaches as they will fit.

In a frying pan, coat the bottom with olive oil. (I don’t have butter in the house all the time and prefer the taste of olive oil anyway.) Place your open-faced sandwiches into the frying pan, and then drizzle lightly with balsamic vinegar and a little bit of honey, if desired. Then place the top slice of bread on top. Press down on your sandwich and flip when the crust is crisped to your liking.

Grilled Cheese - Goat, Raspberry (2)A crowd-pleaser, for sure (though considering you need to serve immediately, this recipe may be difficult for crowds). I needn’t say more other than the obscenities of how surprisingly good this is. I think the balance of salty and sweet, creamy and tangy, crunchy and smooth is what I’m all about.

This yielded 8 appetizer-sized portions.

It seems like I always resort to French bread for grilled cheese, likely for that balance of textures, a crusty perimeter that will sustain through grilling, and the soft center that absorbs the cheese and olive oil (or butter). But try another bread, by all means.

Grilled Cheese - Goat, Raspberry (3)Lessons learned?
I’m wary of pressing my bread because I don’t want to flatten it and make it lose its air pockets. But don’t forget to press just a little bit, because you really want those raspberries to ooze out.

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